4 August 2012


If you would like to keep up to date with my work in progress and whatnot, like my artist's page on facebook! The Blogspot seems to have a chronic disagreement with photos from my mobile. Bad blogspot.

9 June 2012

The Blind Swine

So a cool kid dive bar is going to be opening in York in the very near future, and I'm doing the drinks menu. To be printed on a 10" vinyl cover. Of course! This is the front so far...

I've also been given license to attack their walls with a sharpie... so more is definitely to come!

31 March 2012

The Rookery

This is Mr Chris Helme.

This is his website where you can buy his CD and listen to his lovely noises.

And this is my artwork for his new album, 'The Rookery'.

It was meant to be based around the cottage of the same name where the album was recorded... hopefully you can see some similarities!

The Inkwell

A4 prints are now available through The Inkwell on Gillygate in York. It is a space jam-packed full of wonders! For those not lucky enough to live on these cobbled streets, their online store will be appearing here in the very near future.

Auction at Bar Lane Studios

There is a charity auction happening at Bar Lane Studios in York on the 5th of March in aid of the Macmillan Cancer Trust. It has been organised by Zoe Fletcher and includes many works by local artists. Although I usually tend to hold on to the original artwork, this is going to be my contribution! Prints will probably come along later...

If you're around, head on down to the auction! Ill-timed sneezes are very welcome.
More information on the event can be found here:


Nice and uplifting!
I've submitted this to the Royal Academy for the Summer Exhibition... now just waiting on the postman to get the thumbs up/down. Worrying.
Either way there will be 50 limited edition A3 prints available for sale so get in touch if you fancy getting your hands on one!

5 January 2012


A combination of two wonderful beasts. Clearly, two good things combined make something even better!

Missdavinalee revisited

This is the re-jigged cover and inner sleeve artwork for MDL's album. Funtimes.

Gareth & Nicky's wedding invitation

Some lovely people got hitched and asked me to rustle up an invitation for the do. This is it!

12 April 2011


The deck and wheels I came up with for Slaysh Tank Skate Boarding a while back have gone into production! Fun stuff.

Four legs good, two legs bad

This is my submission for Pocketful Illustration Magazine's sixth issue 'Four legs good, two legs bad'... basically Fred Astaire looking like a melted Bruce Willis!

19 March 2011

Bad Ass

I'm going to be getting some A4 prints done soon, and this is going to be one of them!

18 March 2011

Finally finished!

I started this waaay back in November... it snowballed from an A2 to an A1 beast and now it's done wahahahahaaa!

Slaysh Tee-Shirt

A few colourways for a tee for Slaysh Tank.

1 March 2011

Dusk Bar signage re-design

Below are the stencils for Dusk bar's new signs. The signage was due a bit of a revamp, and the management prefer painting the lettering directly onto the walls (easier to clean, update, and it means the signs can be far larger). So yes, stencils seemed like the most flexible solution!

Random shizzle

28 February 2011

Practicing for retirement

Painted mugs! I'll be making jam and knitting next... oh dear.

'Red Cardinal' album artwork

This is the front cover of Jonny Dobbs' band's debut album 'Red Cardinal'... there'll be more artwork to come for the CD and track listings in a bit!

25 February 2011

19 February 2011

I'm cool... honest?

Pah, that's a massive lie! BUT I do get disproportionately excited seeing my name in a slick-looking context.... oooooh

5 February 2011

Slaysh Tank Skate Boarding

I've come up with a deck-graphic for Slaysh Tank... here is the line drawing, some colourways, and a design for some matching wheels.

4 February 2011

Jack Lumber returns

...in thread form!
He's going to be available to buy from Akinz, a Colorado-based clothing company, in the near future... so keep your eyes peeled! Also- their hand-made beanies are seriously enviable stuff. mmm...

26 January 2011

Live at the Minster

This is a revamped cover for The Yards' album 'Live at the Minster', which was recorded at York Minster in 2004. You can find out some more about them here.

This is the original artwork, which I drew using biro and indian ink...